Sunday, August 10, 2008


i had the triple whammy last weekend. the cold-fever-cough thing. you know, the one that gives your mouth that awful bitter taste that lingers forever no matter what you eat?

ironically, that's how i feel about my life at the moment. the awful bitter taste still lingers, even after almost 2 months. and i'm still waiting for myself to recover. unfortunately, unlike some of my friends here, getting myself an LV bag won't do the trick (no offense guys.. i love you guys to bits! eheh). so right now.. im still trying to find the right medicine for it.

now when the HELL is my knight in shining armour (read: cute guy in sparkmanshop suit)coming to rescue me?! (see - i'm not even that choosy. takde armani suit pun takpe :P)


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