Friday, April 25, 2008


i had a good day today. i called in sick. it was just a teeny tiny headache that i had this morning. but since my company doesn't require me to produce an mc for sick leaves that are less than 3 days (isn't that great?), who's gotta know how big was the headache right? a headache was still a headache. so i sent my boss' secretary an sms. and voila - free holiday (the headache disappeared an hour after i sent the sms btw. miraculous!)

i have not been in the best of moods lately (actually when was i ever? hehe). i've been doing a lot of waiting and it's been very exhausting. waiting for all sorts of things (can't really tell you guys.. SOME of you might take advantage of me later :P). and waiting makes me grumpy - patience is definitely not one of my best virtues. but today was quite a happy day. i don't know - maybe the fact that i managed to escape work made me happy. or the fact that i just gave myself a 3-day weekend (tomorrow is already a weekend here). but my mood was definitely better.

i cooked (haven't done this for a while), i cleaned (haven't done this in a while too..hehehe), i sang (louder than usual, since i figured all the neighbours were at work) and i spent my afternoon crying.

yes, crying. all because this guy lent me his oprah 20th anniversary collection dvd. over 17 hours of oprah's most memorable moments in a 6-disc collection katanya. watched the 1st cd and i was crying already. all because of HER. SHE made me feel so small. and selfish. and ungrateful. segala2nya lah. that's why i cried. i guess it was partly because of her story, but the other part was because i felt embarrassed with myself. currently, i've been so miserable thinking about a choice that i have to make at the moment in which each option presents it's own pro's and con's. but when i compare my problem with her problem, i don't have nothing. really. my problem is so miniscule next to hers (well.. except for the plu thing which is quite a big burden as most of you guys would agree). but she is probably more positive and optimistic about her life than me about mine. that really makes me feel like a spoiled brat of some sort. and i don't like it one bit.

and thus, i've decided to clean up my act a little bit. i need to keep reminding myself about how grateful i should be with my life. i need to stop being a brat. in fact, the next time i complain in my blog, someone just kick my ass ok?

oh, and to jacqueline sabadiro, thank you for this reality check.


  • Aiskrem,

    nasib baik ada Kak Oprah kan? was so generous of sweet sweet MIM to lend you the DVD.

    By Blogger ZEYN, at April 27, 2008 7:56 AM  

  • Oprah is the master of emotion control. :D You should know better than to dive headfirst. :P

    By Blogger Sam, at May 06, 2008 11:21 AM  

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