Saturday, September 06, 2008


i think i can safely say that i'm finally moving on from the previous relationship. yerp. it does take THAT long. and it took one disturbing, disgusting revelation for me to move on. no, i'm not going to provide any details (mostly because i'm rather ashamed of myself for what has happened) but suffice to say that i'm convinced now that ending the relationship was the right thing to do.

i'm turning 28 in a week's time. and my life at 27 has taught me many of life's most important lessons. falling in love. having a relationship. ending a relationship. moving on from a relationship (in which i am a very lousy student). i also learned more about people and what they would do for money. i learned about trust and how not to give it too easily (can't believe i'm only learning about this at 27!! i must have been really priviliged to be surrounded by trustworthy people previously).

all in all, it has been an emotionally overwhelming year i have to say. a lot of tears (yeah i cry a lot). a lot of moments when you just wish that you can just stop your brain from thinking about something. but you feel so hopeless because you just can't. somehow, at times like these you realise how vulnerable you are. how if you are not strong enough, you will let something which happens to you ruin your life. it's up to you to build the courage to fight and move on with your life.

but hey, life is a journey of experiences isn't it. as long as we learn from our mistakes, we should be fine. but that, somehow, is easier said than done. all we can do is to hope for better future.

here's for a less heartbreaking 28!


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