Wednesday, January 31, 2007


those of you who regularly read my blog (yes, all 3 of you) would probably know that i'm very big on anniversaries.. and i always use my blog to commemorate them. birthdays la.. blogniversary la.. first time i had sex la.. (eh wait, that one not yet :P). anyway, today i'm celebrating yet another anniversary. today marks my first anniversary in this country - which means that i've met my personal objective before i came here.

WOOHOO!!!!! *wears party hat

now if only i can find someone to celebrate this with me....... sigh..

Monday, January 15, 2007


i know that i've mostly been very negative when i talk about this country. well, maybe there are times when i like to over-dramatise things. but mostly it's because there isn't a lot of positive things to say about my life in this country at the moment (i think this statement falls into that "over-dramatising" that i was referring to earlier...hehehe). anyway, this time around, i'm gonna be very impartial and unbiased about what i'm going to write. in fact, i'm just going to show you guys something to look at and write a very neutral and objective caption below it. so here goes:

Exhibit A
excerpt of aiskrempotong's m*xis phone bill (statement date : 24/11/06)

ok, scrap that idea about being impartial. i just have to bitch about this. this is how much i need to pay to call home - damn freakin' expensive ok?!!!!! while the rest of the world community gets to enjoy technology advancement such as VoIP, we, in this country are unfortunately not that priviledged. oh, and of course, being the sole telco provider in this country, etis(ial)-at can pretty much charge whatever they want. i personally think that calling someone from THE MOON shouldn't be this expensive. but hey, this is not the moon. this is even better than the moon. this is d*bai. where all the action is. where dreams come true.

well, not MY dream. (told you i'm dramatic)

Saturday, January 13, 2007


sure - discrimination happens everywhere. even back home. some discrimination are actually good. like when you are in the lrt, and you are supposed to give your seat to a pregnant lady. of course, it's discrimination towards those of us who are not genetically capable of being pregnant. but it's positive discrimination. doesn't really hurt, right?

this country discriminates big time. it discriminates based on gender, it discriminates based on nationality and it discriminates based on your economic standing. so fine - gender discrimination is usually positive discrimination. they are established to provide 'assistance' to the so-called 'weaker' sex (i have a big problem with feminism). it is said that here, if you hit a woman (with your vehicle) on the street, you will go to jail straight (which is among the reasons why i've decided not to drive here). no questions asked. however, this is not the case of you knock down a guy. now being a guy - i'm not so happy with this law :P.

recently, it has been announced that the government is taking some measures to improve the traffic condition in the city (which is wayyy worse than kl btw). and how is the government doing this? by imposing toll on EXISTING roads that lead to the city i think it will cost about 4 ringgit per way). the idea is to discourage people from driving into the city. and the only people who will be discouraged by this are the lower income people. not only do they have to struggle with little money, now they are forced to take the public transport to get to work - just so that the ar*bs can drive their gleaming rolls royces and jaguars on a less congested road. this is also the same for the parking situation in the city. to make parking more available for the rich, they are imposing meter parking at residential areas (most apartment buildings would have some stores on the ground floor, so parking space is fought between the shoppers and residents). thank god i don't drive here...

oh and don't even get me started on discrimination towards nationality. it comes in many different ways and aspects of life here. even when it comes to information. i just realised that currently there is local tv that airs the news in english. this country has about 6 locally-based tv channels, and yet NONE of them has news in english. being in a country where more than half of the population are not able to speak arabic, i find it hard to believe. and why is this happening - because we're being discriminated. they don't really care about us - not so much.

i was at the d*bai zoo a couple of weeks ago (don't ask why). but this is what i saw at the zoo:

notice how detailed is the information provided in arabic as compared to english. this is how the country is. discrimination is everywhere - even at the zoo! (note to self : jangan nak drama lebih2. learn arabic la you lazy bum!!)

p.s : oh yeah - talking about being deprived of information - this is a special note to docteur paul. paul, your blog is not accessible from this country (since the last few months actually). i don't know whether you will be flattered by this or not (hehehe), but i miss reading your highly sophisticated blog

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


i'm not gonna bore (first and foremost) myself and you guys about my life dilemma at the moment. semua tu.. biarlah rahsia (wakakaka). for this entry, i'm gonna talk about something else.

now - do you guys ever wonder how does aiskrempotong spend his nights in a country where he only has five friends?

he youtubes!! :P

i would consider youtube as my lifeline. my saviour (from insanity, that is). it keeps me in touch with the stuff back home (konsert af, one in a million, mentor, new music videos). it lets me watch old school r&b music videos which i really dig (like this, this and this), it allows me to watch the america's next top model episodes which i missed and a whole lot of other things as well.

allow me to share with you guys some of the stuff currently in my favourites folder:

1. one of the most hilarious af2 moments - watch it until 2.35 and you'll see what i mean

2. af3 singing hindi medley - the performance is interesting .. but more importantly check out the comment thread. reading them makes me feel all fuzzy inside with pride (eventhough i was nowhere near the stage performing ..ehehe)

3. amy m*stura and misha om*r in some raya program - it's slapstick, but i almost died from laughing :P (amy m*stura tu sewel la! love her!)

4. family guy's stewie - they used to air this show on tv3 (i think). absolutely LOVE the show especially the stewie character. the odd-shaped head, the doe eyes, the british accent, the temper, the crudeness, the sarcasm - talk about character! awesome!! (oh and watch this one too!)

5. turkish singer tarkan - there was an article about him in the local daily here to promote his concert in d*bai a couple of months ago. he looked very yummy in the newspaper so i decided to search him on youtube. cute as hell with traces of plu traits. a possible george michael :P btw, he is the original singer of holly valance's kiss kiss. original song is called simarik.

so how? ARE YOU ENJOYS ??!! (i heard that this is what datin sitti blurted out during one of her concerts in s'pore. hehehe..) well, i hope you did.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


ok.. i'm pressured to make this quick as the internet here cost for 4 USD an hour (yes, zali - i know that the hotel you stayed in london is more expensive). so this will be a quick one. oh by the way, i'm in sri lanka - waiting for my connecting flight to d*bai. initially, it was going to be a 3-hour transit .. but now that the flight is delayed (urghh!!), i'm gonna be here for 4 hours instead. finished reading my "The Edge" and "Mingguan Malaysia / Pancaindera" (gosip artis tempatan kena amik tau ok? wakaka).. and i don't know what to do anymore. the airport is not that big big as senai airport i think.

my trip back was good. i feel like i managed to accom[plish a lot of things in the span of 8 days (originally7 but i ponteng sehari :P). and it feels good. managed to catch up with family and friends... meet new ones.. turning virtual friends into real friends.. going for interview.. yup, all in all i have to say that i'm quite satisfied with this trip. but now that the trip is over, i have one gigantic mega-sized decision to make about my life.

hating this.

oh well, what is life without making decisions, right? and i've decided to finish this entry here. will continue once i get back to good ol' d*bai.

good ol' ? *scoff*