Friday, March 30, 2007


NOTE: reader discretion is advised :P

in the end, i decided to let go of his hand and catch up with sizzling mee. ironically i was more worried about not being able to find him in the large crowd then not knowing what couldhave happened if i followed the guy. the place was so noisy that he might not hear his phone ring if i try to contact him. once we were upstairs, i told sizz what happened. "hah! mana mana mana?" he replied in his usual ptichy-when-excited voice (wakakaka...sorry sizz). " ada kat bawah tadi... apa aku nak buat ha?" "gi la berkenalan... sembang2" hmm... betul gak kan? i mean... not everyone is looking for just action right? maybe he was looking for someone to share his views on the current situation in iraq. ok la - maybe not. but maybe he just wanted to talk.

so i told myself "if i see this guy again when i go down, i'm just gonna talk to him". and as fate would have it (wah... fate la habis) i did bump into him once again. he took my hand once again and this time i obliged. he took me upstairs (again!) and we sat at one of those sofas on the mezzanine floor (i'm assuming that everyone who reads the blog knows the layout of the club :P) we sat for a while and started talking - but only for a while though. after exchanging a few words, he got up and took my hand again. and i (again) followed him. we ended up in the ladies' toilet (which was of course, empty). we went into one of the stalls and he locked the door. we started kissing. great kisser, that guy. from kissing, he started unzipping his pants. and then he whispered "blow me". alamak, this is not safe isn't it? i can get aids from this right? - my UNBELIEVABLY oblivious mind wondered (i know, i'm practically an infant when it comes to these things). not being prepared for something like that, i politely declined. need to be perfectly clear of the health implications of the activity first. and plus, if i am gonna blow someone for the first time, it won't be some random guy i met at the club. and it definitely won't be in the female toilet of some plu club. a little bit too "adventurous" for me la. i'm more of the old-fashioned kind a guy...heheh.

after i said no, the just smiled, buttoned his jeans, kissed me once again and left. i waited for a few more seconds wondering "what did i do what did i do what did i do?!!" (that's the testosterone talking i guess) and left the toilet after that. went back down and found sizz. spilled everything. "omg omg omg! ko amik nombor dia tak?" "err... tak" didn't think that he would have given it even if i asked him for it. what's the use right? anyway, no regrets. even if there was a slight feelinig of regret, it was adequately compensated by the feeling of flattery... heheh. it could have been the bad lighting in the club, but to get someone to tarik your tangan in the club is very flattering (to me at least. other people may get their hand tugged 5 times in one night..i don't know). so, in order not to spoil the sweet memory (:P) of that night in la q*een, i guess i won't be there for quite some time. i'm afraid that the next time i go and no one tarik my tangan, i'd be utterly disappointed.

i also took the opportunity 0f being back to open up to two of my close friends who are fellow plus as well. previously, we were very silent about out sexuality although i guess each one of us were playing the guessing game with each other. however, i decided to make the bold step and open up to them. i have enough trouble playing straight in front my straight friends, why should i waste my energy to play straight with them? (it takes a lot of effort to play straight ok?). so i opened up to them. and i was glad that i did it. now i felt that there is a new level of friendship between myself and them. we all talked about this part of us that we were not willing to share previously. and all of us did not have to control macho so much in front of each other anymore. but i did ask them whether they could tell that i was a gayah before. one of them replied with a resounding "of course!". i aked him why and he replied "hello...kalau dah furniture semua beli kat ikea, hias2 bilik bagai... pas tu bila karaoke nyanyi lagu haz*mi, re* semua..apa maknanya tu?" cess... well i guess it takes one to know one la kan. tu tak leh tolong dah..

i'm going back to d*bai in about 15 hours. as expected, i dread going back there. i know that i wrote earlier if i can't find love (wah!) during my break, i'm not gonna bother anymore. i was going to delete all my online profiles. my three week break ends today, and i'm still without love. but i don't know if i can do what i plan to do. can i live the next 10 months without meeting new people on the net? although doing this has so fargiven me only heartaches and devastation, it has provided me with some hope, happiness andexcitement (albeit short-lived). i dunno... we'll see.

time to go back to crappy d*bai... sigh...

Monday, March 26, 2007


as usual, whenever i'm back home, i am somehow forced to abandon my blog for a little while. i will have to cite lack of infrastructure as the main reason. well, that, and the fact that i can't even find time to breathe when i'm back home.

after a week and a half in kl, i am back in ipoh. i'm sitting in front of my younger brother's computer, typing using a keyboard with a CRACKED spacebar (i'm not kidding ok, gila betul adik aku ni main game), connected to the virtual world at a speed of 48.0 kbps. god i miss my wireless connection and my laptop back in dubai. but that's pretty much everything that i'm missing in dubai.

my days in kl has been eventful, to say the least. it started off with me banging my sister's car in an accident on the sg. besi highway (hehehe... apa nak buat, dah lama tak drive). but don't worry guys - i came out unscathed. only my wallet was a little bit affected = by rm484.10 to be exact. technically it wasn't entirely my fault. the two cars in front of me had an accident and i couldn't brake in time. turned out that i banged a van full of pakcik2 polis who was on their way back from a seminar or something (wait.. is this someone's sexual fantasy? heheh.. unfortunately it's not mine). surprisingly they were a very polite bunch of people. turun2 van terus salam org yang menghentam van diorang. guess the kempen budi bahasa has been quite fruitful eh? :P

and that was not my only encounter with the police, surprisingly. there was another encounter, but this one was a little bit more... misdemeanour-ish (?). u see, after watching the af5 concert last weekend, i went out with a ...err... new acquantaince for a drink at a mamak place. after that, he invited me for a drive around town. i agreed. he drove around for a while and ended up at the jelatek lrt station parking lot which was of course empty at that time (considering that it was 1 am). what happened after that need not be told (i'll just leave it to your imagination :P). but while the two of us were 'occupied' with some activity, we saw a police car approaching us. "oh shit oh shit oh shit matila aku keluar paper esok" . seriously that's what was on my mind at that time. the police car stopped, and a policeman approached us. "buat apa kat sini encik?" he asked with an honestly-puzzled look. hmm... innocentnya pakcik polis nih..hehehe. "takde apa encik, tadi kami dr kedai mamak kat belakang tu..saja je lepak2 sembang2 kat sini" i replied while maintaining the straightest look that i could possibly devise at that time. "bahaya encik ni duduk kat sini. tempat ni gelap. nanti kalau kena rompak ke naya je. mintak ic?". alamak... mintak ic pulak... matila ada rekod penjenayah pas ni. "mintak maaf encik, kami pun memang dah nak balik dah ni". at that point of time, iu was using my baritone-est voice already. "hmm..elokla la tu". then he went back to his car and drove away. we did the same thing. i was so relieved that the pakcik polis was a nice / gullible one. kalau tak... i don't know what would have happened. mau kena masuk lokap... kena gang bang dgn fellow convicts (oh-uh, another sexual fantasy. but again, not mine..:P)

oh btw, yes - i did manage to check out l* queen. my verdict - it's awesome! (however, this comes from someone who has only been to 2 other plu clubs his entire life. so don't take my word for it k?). the place looks good, the music was nice (they were playing khad*eja's biarkan s*ja when i stepped into the club so i was immediately impressed by the song selection.) and of course, as usual, the (majority of) the crowd semuanya meletup2. i was already quite contented with everything, expecting a good night out even just by henjut2-ing kat tepi stage while oogling at all the yummy people (hehehe.. pathetic kan? well, what's new?). after about half an hour at the side of the stage, we (me, my faithful partner-in-petty-crime sizzling mee and his housemate) decided to check what was happening upstairs. while making our way through the crowd, i felt a tug. someone was tugging my hand. i looked to see who it was. and i saw this cute guy smiling at me. it was quite dark so i struggled to get a closer look at him. "matila.. could this guy be one of my ex-officemates yg nak memecahkan lobang masing2? or skandal lama kah?" but after squinting my eyes for a few seconds, i've confirmed that he was neither. so what could this mean? his hand was still holding mine, and he was still smiling. at the same time i saw that sizzling mee and his housemate moving further and futher away..

to be continued... (sorry guys ..dah pukul 2 pagi la... esok sambung k? hehehe..)

Thursday, March 08, 2007


it feels like a million years since i last posted an entry. i'm sorry for the irregular updates (don't quite know who i am apologising for... but never mind that. asking for forgiveness is always a noble thing to do). it's just that so many things have happened in the past few days / weeks that it was almost impossible to come up with a decent entry (mcm la my previous entries were all decent kan? :P). even with this one, i'm struggling to write it in between doing my other stuff. an thus, the instant 3-in-1 entry.. :P

first and foremost, after mr. sizzlingmee-no-more (seriusly dude, can u be a little bit more original than that?) had his short vacation in d*bai, i had visitors coming from d*ha to visit me. yes, these people has written about their trip here just about a lifetime ago and i am only writing about it now. (that's how busy my life is and how not-so-eventful theirs are... wakakkaa. just kidding you guys. you guys know my life sucks here). in total, i enjoyed their company. and i think it was wonderful being able to introduce fellow rainbowlanders the gorgeous men in this country and how i am suffering because of their gorgeousness.

a week after that, i moved into my new apartment. and i have to say, it looks pretty damn amazing (don't i sound modest? ehehe.. ). maybe it was because i've decided to make it my own and invest a little bit more about it (as compared to my previous apartment which i took as a temporary settlement for a year before i go back). i have made a decision to live better in this country, and of course it starts with da crib, right? gosh if only i have a place like this in kl... i would've ..... (censored thoughts involving cute guys, fooling around and ... more cute guys and fooling around)

anyway.... i've got some before and after photos that i MIGHT share in a later (comment moderated) post :P. i've only shown my new apartment to a few of my colleagues and most of them are artistically challenged (they are heterosexual auditors for god's sake!). so i didn't get a lot of comments coming from them. however, the one girl who checked out my apartment actually used the word "gorgeous" to describe it... hehehe (triumphant smile).

and tomorrow, i'm going back to msia. it's going to be a longer trip this time - three weeks. i am not really that excited about this trip back home. maybe because it has only been two months since i last came back. but it's either now or... very very much december. new people are coming in and my boss wants me to be around to guide them (from what he told me., the new people who are joining the department will be significantly OLDER and possibly married. there's goes my dream of having an office scandal..sigh). but of course, it's always good to be home. and i'm looking forward to a slower paced time in malaysia. the last two times i was back in malaysia was only for a week, and i was running around like mad the whole time! and of course,being the planner that i am, i had a to-do/to-meet/to-eat list the whole time. this time around. no list. ok la.. that would be lying. i still have a list. but it's much more flexible this time. and i do have some interesting missions while i'm back... ngeh ngeh ngeh (and no, i'm not going for another interview, i've learned my lesson thank you very much).

3 weeks in malaysia? god, i'm gonna be so (much) fattttttt(er) when i come back here...*sigh*, but of course, if any of you want to meet up for teh tarik (i'll be having milo ais btw), i can always accommodate. what's a few extra calories as compared to the benefits of having a new (hopefully cute) acquaintance kan? hahaha.. just kidding. tak cute pun takpe. at least then it'll be fair :P

so saper nak join gi la queen nih? :P