Saturday, November 18, 2006


ok - honestly, i think i have one of the coolest phones around at the moment... :P

another testament to my good taste in things, eh? hehehehe...

Friday, November 17, 2006


if you throw me into a room full of single women - i'll survive

if you throw me into a room full of pakcik2 and makcik2 - i'll survive

if you throw me into a room full of kids - i'll survive

if you throw me into a room full of PLUs - i'll survive (and give you a big thank you at the same time :P)

if you throw me into a room full of 30-something, married, heterosexual malay guys - i will die a slow and painful death...

- aiskrem-potong

i was dragged by my colleague to a fellow m'sian's open house a couple of nights ago. after successfully declining 4 previous open house invitations, i just couldn't get out of this one. i was very hesitant to go because i don't even know who the hosts are (but here, all malaysians are welcomed at another malaysian's open house). but more importantly, i was hesitant because i was afraid what i imagine would happen, happen. unfortunately, it did.

from what i see during my first debut at a m'sians in d*bai event (a buka puasa thingy), majority of the m'sians here are in their thirties. most of them are married with kids (which suggest that they are know... different from me). some would have their family with them, some would leave them back in malaysia. and the industry that these people are in are not really that diverse. majority of them are either working in the airline industry or the construction industry (in fact, me and my colleagues are the first batch of m'sian auditors that they know). these people would have their own 'clan' already. so when i go to these gatherings, i feel a little (actually very much) out of place. and when it comes to an audience of a certain demographics (malay, male, heterosexual, married with kids), mingling with them seem to be something that is next to impossible to do.

but i know that being here, this is something that cannot be helped. it's not like a have a lot of choices. if all they have here are abg2 and pakcik2 str8, i should just make peace with this fact and try and make friends with them. after all, 2 years ago, ALL of my friends were str8. i didn't have a plu friend (exept for me ex-housemate). it didn't matter so much to me then. so why am being so choosy about who i should hang out with, right? so, with that thought in mind - i went into the battlefield (the open house). i was determined to mae new friends. it was me against my unjustifiable inferiority complex. i was ready with my best smile and a bunh of my business ards in my pocket ready to be distibuted. but one i went into the battlefield, smiling was pretty much the only thing that i did. smile. salam2. tu je la. and eat. and smile while eating. i was so scared of these people's judgement about me that i couldn't bring myself to start a conversation with anyone. i decided 'cling' to my housemate (oh yeah, he came to the open house too with us). to me, as obnoxious as he is, he's still someone familiar (yes, it's that bad!).

it was only after some time that i braved my way and join a group of people and (make an attempt to) mingle. THIS time, i was clinging to my colleague pulak. you see, during the previous open house (which i didn't go to), my collegue told me that the other malaysians were surprised when they found out that this colleague of mine took his spm in 1996 (which makes him 27). since the rest of the people that he spoken to are mostly in their mid and late 30's and are very experienced hires (which means that they had clocked about 10 working years in m'sia before coming here),to find someone who is 27 was actually a rare thing. when they expressed their astonishment, my colleague told them "i have a friend who took his spm in 1997. i'll bring him along the next time". and true enough, when he introduced me to the rest of the people at the open house, he introduced me as "the guy who took his spm in '97". and the people were like "ooh..ini la dia.. kenapa sebelum ni tak pernah nampak pun?" and as usual, i just smiled. if it was a different type of demographics, i would have answered that question with some mild humour. but there has been cases where this of demographics were not very accepting or responsive towards my type of humour (maybe i'm just not funny - i don't know. but my humour seems to work on other demograhics - why not this?!!). to add to the uneasiness, my colleague actually replied to them "aku dah tak larat nak ajak dah. ajak pegi main bola tak nak, ajak pegi open house tak nak". damn.

some of the guys, upon hearing my colleague's comment about my reluctance to "participate" in these activities, told me that this would be the best time to meet other m'sians. to make new friends. to establish network. adoi. it's not that i don't want to meet other m'sians and make friends. but believe or not, i find this whole thing nerve-wrecking (and boring at the same time). nerve-wrecking due to the pressure to say the right thing and impress a group of people who i can't seem to remotely relate too. and boring because they only talk about cars and football most of the time.

now, it may be a cliche to say that guys only talk about cars and football. but in the span of 90 minutes (which by the way seemed like eternity) that i was there - 80 % of the conversation revolved around these 2 topics.

- price of specific car models
- which cars are the most fuel efficient
- which car models are making its debut back home
- upcoming gt festival in d*bai
- which 4 wheel drive is the best for off-road expeditions

- 70's malaysian footballers
- 80's malaysian footballers
- golden moments during some merdeka cup thingy which happenned in 1980
- who (among the guests) represented (kelas, sekolah,daerah) what during their school days

*the remaining 20% was spent talking about their jobs and other miscellaneous items which are not so bad.

today is friday. every friday, there's a football thingy being organised by my fellow countrymen here. my colleague, an avid fan of football (and ex-state player may i add) has never missed it yet (i think). i on the other hand, has never NOT missed it (hehehe). but after all the brotherly advice given to me during the open house, i think i will have to attend today's session. but the thing is, i found out that there's a makan2 thingy at the consulate right after the football thing. which means another 'opportunity' to mingle and meet new people.
oh joy.

Friday, November 03, 2006


at first, i thought d*bai is a better shopping place than kl but only when it comes to designer stuff. but the other day, when i got the whole 10 seasons of friends dvd for rm110, it kinda changed my opinion. dubai is really a better shopping place than kl for everything! (well, maybe except for plastic items and tissue papers which are unbelievably expensive!). so right now, i've been watching less tv.

i was a HUGE fan of friends. although the show started showing in 1995 (i think), i only started watching the show in 1998 (i was in boarding school. we couldn't watch tv during night time). apart from it being a very funny show, i think the main reason why i liked friends so much was because of matthew perry. he was sooo cute (especially in the first and second season. got me smitten in an instant .. heheh). i was so hooked up on the show/him that when i was back in uni, i would use my monthly allowance to buy the original videotapes/vcd's. a cd with 4 episodes would cost rm30 bucks and i would try and get them from jusco instead of speedy because i could use my jcard to collect points (eheh). so, everymonth, i would put aside 60 bucks from my allowance to buy the cd's. and i would watch them over and over again like a maniac. i usually tapau my lunch and dinners and i would eat my meal in front of my computer while watching the vcd's. i would ask my friends and family members to get me friends vcd's for my birthday, indicating to them which episodes that i stll didn't have.

but my interest in friends died down after the 7th season. i guess i grew out of it. mostly because matthew perry started to look older and less.. err.. appetising (:P). and phoebe got meaner and meaner. the show became a but less funny. all this, coupled with the fact that the tv was showing the show on (almost) daily basis made me decide to stop buying the original vcd's. i stopped after the 7th season. all my videotapes and vcds are now in my bedroom back in ipoh in a special 'shrine' (actually it's just a bookcase :P), a testament of how merepek my pre-adolescent life was. but at that time, spending rm rm180 for a season of friends (when you are not even earning) didn't seem merepek at all (well how was i to know that a few years later i would be able to get all 10 seasons at 110 bucks!!)

speaking of friends, i'm going to have a few friends visiting me this weekend. 3 of them altogether. one is my standard one classmate who i always had this love-hate relationship with (let's call him W). the other one is my ex-schoolmate when i was in boarding school (a girl, we'll call her M). the third, is B, M's husband who happens to be my ex-coursemate in uni (who, btw is one of my least favourite people in the world. gosh, i do seem to have a dislike over quite a few people don't i? what can i say - i have high expectations of my friends..heheheh)

i wish i could write a bit more about them but i'm too sleepy. i need to wake up at 5 in the morning to pick them up (it's already 1.25 am now). anyway, let's just say that i have my concerns about them visiting me. the two guys have always liked to gang up on me (that's what heterosexuals do apparently) and kutuk2 me. i have been more tolerant of this in the past (maybe because i was a lot more patient then). but after staying here for 9 months, think i have changed a little. i'm more snappy now. seriously. and i'm afraid if they pull off one of their antics, i would lose it. and i would lose it bad. i don't want that to happen especially not when they are my guests. but i'm not sure if they know how to be a good guest...