Monday, July 09, 2007


ok, i know this thing is a little bit 'basi' already. but i want to talk about the issue on this "artis wanita membotakkan kepala" for a bit.

i'm not really a big fan of her. so my views are probably going to be quite objective. i am just looking at this from a logical point of view. they say that it's haram for her to do that. and i agree. i learned about the whole "haram lelaki mcm pompuan and vice versa" back in school. but before she shaved her head, she was not covering her hair. isn't that haram also? why wasn't she (and siti nurhaliza for that matter) criticised for not covering their heads? why wasn't there a news article that says: "haram artis wanita mendedahkan rambut" or "perbuatan siti nurhaliza tidak memakai tudung adalah haram"? what's haram is haram la kan? why are we being so double-standard about this?

sebabnya orang melayu kita ni suka gelabah tak tentu hala. we see something out of the norm, we automatically become uncomfortable and get this unexplainable anxiety attack. we become jittery. then like a bunch of brainless maniacs, we start condemning.

i'm not saying that what she did is right. what i'm questioning is the way we are reacting over this issue. people are doing haram things left, right and centre. i might be wrong, but dosa tinggalkan sembahyang 1 waktu is probably more than a woman shaving her head bald. if we are condeming her acts from a religious point of view, i think the way we are reacting is a little bit hypocritical. but if it's not from a religious point of view, from what other point of view are we condemning her?

the way how most of us are reacting over this matter tells a lot about us as malays. i'm not trying to come off as mr. smarty-pants or holier-than-thou, but the truth of the matter is such. there is a fundamental problem within our society that's stopping us from progressing further. we are not really doing so well as a race you know? we are very neither here nor there (myself included). why is there such a big resistance towards change? because we need to preserve what we have right now? is what we have right now so great?

i don't think so at all.