Thursday, June 21, 2007


when i called my dad to wish him happy father's day last sunday, i asked him to get my brother to call me once he finds out which university does he get accepted to. and yesterday, he called.
he got accepted to unimas (s'wak). m*chanical engineering. his third choice. he sounded happy about it (which is weird because usually it's very difficult to sense any emotion from him because he always seem to live in his own little worry-free world and speak in a monotone). but i think i know why he is happy. he is finally getting his freedom. his secondary school, albeit a full residential school, was in ip*h. his matriculation centre was also in ip*h. now he gets to breakaway. and cross the south china sea while he's at it.

i have to say that i am relieved to hear that. and most of all, i think my dad is quite relieved as well. now that he has gotten himself in a university, there's only one task left - to make sure that he gets out of it with a decent degree. but him being in kuching will make monitoring a little bit difficult for my dad. let's just hope that he has the same unsurmountable level of self-control as his elder brother eh? *wink* then he'll be fine...

i asked him what did our mom say about this. he said that our mom has started to give him about 50 advice already and they all start with the word JANGAN. "like what?" i asked.

"jangan keluar malam"
"jangan drive kereta kawan"
"jangan kawan dengan orang sarawak" (no offense, guys)

classic mak. amusing, as always.

oh and i'm sure my brother will be breaking at least 49 of those rules. i know i did. hehehe.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


i don't know whether you guys have heard about this or not, but some countries in the middle east were hit by a hurricane last week. gonu. oman and iran were badly hit with some casualties. here in the uae, the effect were reduced to some destruction of properties in some coastal areas (oh, and i was not able to order fish for dinner the other day because there was some shortage of supply. all the fishermen here stayed away form the sea for a couple of days). but now everything is back to normal. i sympathise for the people of oman though. things don't look so good over there.

p.s: for more information and pics, go to here


i came across this one article. the title reads:

saya akan jadi lebih jantan – Azwan Ali
and below the title was this photo:

terpengsan sekejap.

p.s: i SINCERELY apologise if this photo will cause you to have nightmares later :P

Friday, June 08, 2007


so he got married again. and judging from the physical, it looks like he does have a preference over a certain type of physical appearance in women. i don't know whether to find it amusing or impressive. i think i'll go with amusing.

actually, he has managed to amuse me quite a lot since he took over the position a few years back. i have to say that i'm not really a fan of his. i was, in the beginning. but after that one disappointment came after another. and now all i wish for is that he does not embarrass himself in front of his peers by talking nonsense in front of them. because he, in a way, represents me. he represents us. that comes with his job. and so far, i can't say that he has done a good job representing us.

when i first heard that he was getting married, i went "haiyooooooo!!" and slapped my forehead (i really do this sometimes, seriously) . i found it unacceptable that he wants to get married when he is being criticised left and right about his substandard performance in his job. it's like when you are a bachelor and you want to get married even before you get a stable job (wait... i realise that most of you guys may not be able to relate to this analogy cos most of you dread the idea of getting married right? hahaha). being someone who has been able to supress my feelings or desire for companionship in order to address a more pressing matter (wow, i actually sound like i'm proud of it), his decision to get married is really seen as immature to me.

but after a while, i realised that i should not expect so much from this guy. i guess we can already establish much earlier that he is not a great person. he does not ooze greatness. he's just a normal guy. and a normal guy feels lonely sometimes without companion, regardless of what position he holds. and because of that, i've decided to bless his marriage (not that he is asking for it or anything). so here it is. selamat pengantin baru. may the marriage provide you with the necessary 'stimulants' for you to do a better job. and please do a better job.