Sunday, March 09, 2008


ok - i take back what i said. i so damn wished that i was in m'sia yesterday. i wished that i had registered and voted. and be a part of history. oh well, at least i went to the celine dion concert last wednesday. i mean, that's a part of history too isn't it? hehehe.

i spent most of my yesterday evening in front of the computer (i'm making it sound like i rarely do this am i not) waiting relentlessly for the election results. i was using malaysiakini as my source. it was pretty thrilling to hear the news unravel one by one everytime i click the reload button. it was a very emotional evening (yes, there were tears). i never thought that i'd see the day when sammy vellu had to step down. and i never thought that i'd see the day when my state would be ruled by anyone apart from that particular party that everyone has grown accustomed to.

i feel proud. i feel proud that my fellow countrymen are willing to take the risk and give the opportunity for someone else to govern us. it takes guts to do this. scores of people were willing to go out of their comfort zone to vote for a change. and this is the result.

of course, this is just the beginning. things could either go for the better or for the worse. but at least we know that there is a possibility of things being better. i personally hope that some change would take place in my state. in my hometown. i'm kinda sick of having to defend it when my friends makes derogatory remarks about it. i want a carrefour in ipoh. and fitness first. and JCo donuts. ouh and l* queen. hehehe.

it was definitely a night of surprises. PLEASANT surprises.

Friday, March 07, 2008


i'm actually glad that i'm not in malaysia right now. i know there are streets are filled with the election posters. i really despise those posters. first of all, i thin it's a pure waste of money. and secondly, the poster designs are hardly ever tasteful. it looks like the same template was used since the 1970's. really shows how these political parties think about us the fellow citizens eh? like mindless idiots who would just accept everything they give us.

reading the newspapers in the last 2 weeks have been very insulting. insulting to the intelligence. i'm sure a lot of you guys feel the same way too. this is actually why i think journalism is the worst career option for malaysians. because you can never get anywhere. even the entertainment journalists are lousy (i just watched melodi just now..bleargh). it's so aggravating to think that the ruling party expects the people to believe everything that they are saying? and why is it that only when it is election time are they embarking on projects left and right, signing deals and MoU and pledging this and that? would anyone be interested in keeping track of how many of these projects would actually be carried out?

sure you can campaign. but what i'm saying is don't take us as idiots la. have some repsect. but being malaysia, this is again too much to ask kan?

have fun voting tomorrow. tomorrow's election is far less nerve-wrecking than the recent OIAM finals (shila should've won, btw). being in d*bai, i won't be able to participate. but even if i wasn't , i'm not sure if i would go out and cast my vote. maybe i would.. just for the fun of it.